Government Biodiversity Guidance

Stuart Anstee & Associates is privileged to have lead revision of the Australian Government leading practice in mining Biodiversity handbook and Rehabilitation handbook.   


In 2007 the Australian Department of Tourism and Industry published a series of mining best practice guidance handbooks.  Covering issues such as biodiversity and water management the handbooks became a valuable resource to the industry both within Australia and overseas.

Stuart Anstee & Associates led a review and update of the Biodiversity leading practice handbook.  The handbook was published in late 2016 and provides strategic advice to mine site and corporate environment managers and practitioners. 

The handbook is aimed at mining operations working within Australia but will also be of value to Australian companies working overseas where government environmental regulation and guidance may be more limited.

The handbook covers a range of topics, including:
» The nature of biodiversity risk for mining operations;
» The business case for leading practice management;
» Developing biodiversity baselines;
» Planning and implementation of the mitigation hierarchy with separate sections on Avoidance, Minimisation, Rehabilitation and Biodiversity Offsets.

Biodiversity and its management is a complex issue that is very context specific.  Because of this the guidance cannot be overly prescriptive.  Instead it provides a leading practice framework covering key issues that managers need to address to achieve leading practice.

The handbook draws heavily on a number of detailed guidance documents that have been developed over the past 18 months.