Capacity Building for cross-sector engagement

Cross-sector engagement and partnerships with non-government organisations are a major part of how private sector companies improve their social license to operate.

In many instances the resource requirements needed to develop effective partnerships are material to both organisations.  In addition tension can arise in relationships in a number of ways including:

  • differences in organisational cultures between partners;
  • changes in priorities with one or both organisations;
  • the rate of change and the need to adapt and innovate;
  • consistency and clarity around values and processes;
  • personnel change and lack of employee engagement;
  • problems transferring the partnership from corporate to operations.

The Opportunity

Partners need to be provided with a process and practical support materials to adapt the relationship and generate mutual value for the long-term.  The opportunity exists to capitalise on strengths and mitigate weaknesses to ensure the mutual value can be clearer, more visible and measurable as the partnership evolves.

Why is our Approach different?

Stuart Anstee & Associates and Streamer Strategy combine relationship management and communication skills with biodiversity management and cross-sector relationship development. Our approach is based on decades of experience working across the sectors and with multi-national corporations non-government organisations that have a local and global impact.